Modeling Applied to Problem Solving Pedagogy and Integrated Online Environment  w/Daniel Seaton and David Pritchard ($5) 3 hrs

We will familiarize participants to our modeling-based approach to problem solving (MAPS) pedagogy that imparts expert-like improvement of problem solving skills in mechanics, dramatically more expert-like attitudes towards science and problem-solving, and better performance in a subsequent E&M course.  This pedagogy can be introduced into existing courses without dramatic changes to the syllabus.  Workshop participants will sample the various in-class teaching materials for MAPS and can log into our online introductory physics course as well (

PTRA Dark Matter with Marti Lyons and Laura Nickerson ($15) 3 hrs
Would you like to study the evidence for dark matter yourself?  Join us on a historical journey while we combine the physics of Newton with real data from galaxies, similar to the data Vera Rubin herself studied when she first found evidence for dark matter.  We will do a lab that you’ll get to take home, and we will walk you through the calculations.  You’ll also learn about resources from the Perimeter Institute.

Using cool Astronomy to teach Physics with Paola Rebusco ($5) 2hrs
Everyone agrees: black holes and exoplanets are cool! Even students who may not be excited about Physics are  more open towards the mysteries of the Universe.  During this workshop we will see how to relate some fundamental topics in Physics to curiosities and challenges from Astrophysics and Space Science.