Workshops for Spring 2016 Meeting

AAPT-NES Spring Meeting 2016 Workshops

Workshop APTRA TIPERS Workshop

Steve Henning and George Amann, Physics Teaching Resource Agents

(3 hours) $15

PTRA TIPERS Workshop – TIPERS (Tasks Inspired by Physics Education Research) TIPERS are tasks inspired by Physics Education Research to provide alternative learning formats. TIPERS provide students with tasks that address physical ideas and principles in a variety of ways. Some of these are Ranking Tasks, Bar Chart Tasks, Linked Multiple Choice Tasks, Working Backwards Tasks, Predict and Explain Tasks and many others. These are designed to help students learn the important concepts and principles of physics while providing a conceptual base upon which students can solve physics problems with understanding. Participants will be receiving two free books: the latest TIPERS Manual and the Ranking Tasks manual.


Workshop B1Organizing Standards to Support Teaching and Learning

Peter J. McLaren, Director, State and District Support for Science, Achieve, Inc.

(1.5 hours) $10

This workshop will support educators and those developing curricula and instructional materials; the NGSS Model Content Frameworks will illustrate examples of how the NGSS could be organized over the course of the school year and across grade levels.


Workshop B2A Blended College Board Audited AP Physics 1 MOOC Meeting the Needs of Young Learners

Mark D. Greenman, Research Fellow and Teacher in Residence, Boston University

(1.5 hours) $10

This will be a hands-on workshop. Come experience firsthand something different in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) world – a blended SPOC (Small Private Online Course). The online format is short on “video professor” and long on interactive activities. Students engage in making measurements, gathering data, analyzing data and making inferences using “direct measurement videos” created by Peter Bohacek, HTML simulations developed by Andrew Duffy, PhET simulations from University of Colorado, Boulder and direct measurement photographs by Mark Greenman. The course is structured to work seamlessly with a typical high school schedule with assessments designed to encourage early success for the students.