Workshops at Spring 2015 Meeting

Workshop 1:   Physics, robotics, and driverless cars.

by Tom Hsu: Length =   90 minutes

Google just built 200 cars with no steering wheel. It won’t be long before “Jeeves, take me home” will be spoken to your car, which will  become the first semi-intelligent robot that masses of humans come to depend on. What is the physics of driverless cars? How do the equations of motion, graphs, vectors, and other basic physics concepts figure into the behavior of a robotic vehicle? This hands-on workshop will use a classroom-ready robot to teach motion physics in ways that address both the physics content we need our students to learn, and also many critical engineering and technology skills. This is guaranteed to be engaging to all physics students and can add real STEM substance to any physics curriculum.

Workshop 2: Estes Rocket Launch & Flight – Hands-on Student Project

by Mark Greenman  Boston University  length  3 hours
Go home with a hands-on project building and testing Estes’ rockets and rocket engines that will facilitate and extend the learning of dynamics and kinematics principals. Participants in this workshop will go through the entire project cycle from building their own rocket, testing and obtaining engine impulse data, predicting rocket performance, firing their rockets and analyzing the results comparing the theory to the actual observations.

Workshop 3: Great demos can be yours!

by John Johnston  of the Faraday Center     length = 90 minutes

A sample of demos will be presented that you can develop from more than 20 whose write-ups will be available.  Several will be performed which you can learn from; they are considered classics that never fail!