Spring Meeting 2012

Spring Meeting of New England AAPT

April 27/28 2012 at Thayer Academy

Space Science and the Future of Space Exploration

Concurrent with Massachusetts Physics Olympics

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Digital Version of Newsletter with full version of the Spring Meeting agenda plus poster and oral contribution abstractsNewsletterDigitalersionMarch25

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Featured Speakers Include

David Latham: Planet hunter

Remote talk by Robert C. Hilborn
Associate Executive Officer
American Association of Physics Teachers

Jonathan McDowell

Eric Silver

Workshops: PTRA Workshops on Dark Matter with Marti Lyons and Laura Nickerson

Workshop with David Pritchard

Demo Shows and More!


Directions to Thayer Academy

Call for Presenters: Click here to submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation. Although the preliminary program has been released we do have room for a few more oral contributed talks and will still accept poster presentations.

Registration Fee:  $40

Friday Night Banquet Fee: $40