Recap of UMASS Amherst Meeting AGW Debate

Larry Gould and Paul Carr had a debate on ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING

NES AAPT Tutorial & Debate

NES APS/AAPT Fall 2011 Meeting, UMass Amherst

19 November 2011

Anthropogenic “Global Warming”

Illuminating some of its Scientific and Methodological Flaws

Laurence I. Gould, Professor of Physics

University of Hartford


Uncompleted as our theories may be, they all enjoy, in a sense, the benefits of due process of law. Dogmatism cannot enter, and unsupported demagoguery has a tough time with us. … [dogmatists and demagogues] could not survive in a society which demands evidence which can be subjected to examination, to reexamination, to doubt, to questions, to cross-examination.

— Jerrold Zacharias*

There continues to be an increasing number of scientists and public figures around the world who are challenging the claims that dangerous “global warming/climate change” (AGW) is caused primarily by human-produced carbon dioxide. This Tutorial (followed by handouts) will explain what is meant by AGW and will show that the weight of scientific evidence strongly contradicts the alarmist claims (such as those found in some recent issues of The Physics Teacher and Scientific American).  It will also explain what are some of the methodological flaws, in the promotion of AGW, that continue to threaten the scientific method and (as a consequence) science education.

* Zacharias is considered to be “the most significant scientist who initiated the effort to improve K-12 science education in the United States starting in the 1950s” — Hands On! A magazine for mathematics and science educators (TERC, Fall 2006), Vol. 29, Number 1, p. 4

Laurence I. Gould is Professor of Physics at the University of Hartford and Past Chair (2004) of the New England Section of the American Physical Society.  Dr. Gould earned his doctoral and master’s degrees in physics from Temple University and his bachelor’s degree in physics from Carnegie-Mellon University.  He has a wide range of interests and has published many scholarly articles in several areas of his discipline.  He became interested in the “climate change” debate and has been studying the subject for over seven years.  He has given many presentations on the topic, including a recent campus-wide talk at Princeton University (sponsored by the university’s Physics Department). In addition, Dr. Gould has given a number of talks overseas and in the United States on a variety of subjects, including: the application of symmetry principles in teaching science, the life and work of Albert Einstein, symbolic methods in computational physics, and foundations of quantum theory.



Paul H. Carr, Ph. D.

AF Research Laboratory & U Mass Lowell Emeritus

Web page

I will present data supporting the ecological APS National Policy Statement:

“Emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities are changing the
atmosphere in ways that affect the Earth’s climate… The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring.”

We must balance ecology with economics. Economically, the US is spending one                     billion dollars per day to import foreign oil. This money that is leaving our economy could be better spent creating jobs to develop energy from non-carbon-emitting nuclear, wind, and solar sources.  Innovative energy technology will be described.

 Paul H. Carr B.S. , M.S. MIT; Ph.D. Brandeis, led the Component Technology Branch, of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Bedford, MA, where he is emeritus. His research on surface acoustic waves (SAW) resulted in signal processing filters used in radar, cellular phones, and TV. He has written numerous editorials on global warming and energy as co-editor with Larry Gould of the APSNES Newsletter.  He has given invited talks on this subject at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, U Mass Lowell, the NH IEEE Awards Banquet, the Sigma Xi Chapter and the Academy of Senior professionals at Eckerd College, FL.  He has published over 80 technical papers, has 10 patents, and is a Fellow of the IEEE. From 1998 – 2000, he taught philosophy courses at U Mass Lowell, which inspired his book Beauty in Science and Spirit.  His web page is .