Inertia Ball

Inertia Ball Relay Contest

Goal: Using a push broom and/or a straw broom, navigate a bowling ball through the obstacle course in as little time as possible. Time will be added to your score when you break any of the following rules…

There may be some small changes to the actual course.


  • Navigate the bowling ball by applying force with brooms only. Touching the bowling ball with any body part (+5 seconds per occurrence)
  • The bowling ball may not go out of bounds or strike any obstacles such as cones or chairs. (+3 seconds per occurrence)
  • The ball cannot be touched at all while inside of a ‘no touch zone’. (+5 seconds per occurrence)
  • The ‘no touch zones’ also act as relay points. If Student A navigates the bowling ball into a no touch zone, a different student must take control of the ball after it leaves the no touch zone (+3 seconds per occurrence).
  • The ball must pass through each ‘no touch zone’. (+3 seconds for each zone missed
  • Brooms should always be handed from one teammate to another – never thrown. (+5 seconds for an airborne broom)

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.14.49 PM
The image above shows a rough draft of the course. Red lines represent ‘out of bounds’ and blue sections represent ‘no touch zones’. Each square on the grid represents an area of approximately 2 ft2.