Bottle Rocket Event

Water Bottle Rockets

Description: Students glue a piece of pvc pipe to the inside of a neck of a standard
water bottle. They then construct a “rocket” made out of construction paper that
slides tightly on to the pvc pipe. The water bottle is held in one hand and crushed
by the other hand, propelling the rocket across the room. The goal is to a) get
closest to a bulls-eye 8 meters away and b) propel the rocket the farthest.

Build-Ahead: Water bottle rocket


Standard water bottle (any brand is fine) but no larger than a 1 liter bottle
PVC pipe (no longer than 12 inches long)

Practice Ahead: Construction of Rocket

(Note: You are not allowed to use a pre-constructed rocket. Materials will be

Materials provided:

4 sheets standard construction paper
Roll of masking tape
Roll of scotch tape

Rules: Each team will have 10 minutes maximum to construct and test their
rockets. No electrical or propulsion devices (combustibles, etc) can be used. Each
rocket must be launched by compressing the bottles with your hands.

Accuracy portion: Will consist of getting closest to a bulls-eye located on a wall
8 meters away. Each team will get THREE attempts.

Scoring: 1st place team gets 50 points, 2nd place team gets 48 points, etc.

Distance portion: Each team will propel the rocket to have the greatest horizontal
displacement from a vertical height of no more than 6 feet. Each team will get
ONE attempt.

Scoring: 1st place team gets 50 points, 2nd place team gets 48 points, etc.

The launcher and rocket do not need to be the same for each portion.