Egg Drop Rules

Egg Drop      Physics Olympics 2012  Do Ahead Event


You are to design and construct a container for an egg, which will be dropped from the Bell Tower at Thayer Academy (height is about 120ft). The container should keep the egg from breaking upon impact with the ground


Cushing materials such as cotton balls, bubble wrap, balloons and so on; tape, glue, straws, paper, cardboard etc,etc

A large raw egg will be provided to each team. Do not enclose your egg in your container or bring an egg.


The design must allow easy opening and closing for egg inspection.

The design will be massed upon arrival to the egg drop site. Designs with a lower mass receive a higher score.

It must fit into a 25cm x 25cm x 25cm cube.


Balloons or balloon type devices may only be inflated by human breath. (No helium!)

Liquids are not allowed!

Parachutes are not allowed!


All unbroken eggs beat all cracked or broken eggs

All cracked eggs beat all broken eggs

If the egg is unbroken and not cracked   10 egg pts

If the egg (shell) is cracked                         5 egg pts

If the egg is broken                                      0 egg pts

Score = (2000/mass of container)   x egg pts

All teams are responsible to clean up after themselves!