AI in medicine, new therapeutics for Alzheimer’s and GLP-1 for weight loss

n an ever-evolving world of medicine and science, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has kept pace, consistently providing an irreplaceable platform for the latest research, groundbreaking discoveries, and insightful commentaries. Today, we sit down with JAMA’s Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, for an in-depth conversation about the journal’s achievements, its ongoing initiatives, and the ambitious plans she has in store for 2024.

A Review of JAMA’s Transformative Year

Reflecting on her first year at JAMA’s helm, Dr. Bibbins-Domingo highlights the remarkable achievements of the JAMA network, a conglomerate of 13 medical journals. A significant milestone was the successful launch of the inaugural JAMA Summit in 2023, a platform that brought together 60 experts from around the globe to discuss the gap between clinical trials’ outcomes and real-world practices.

“We convened people from industry, research, and clinical practice,” Dr. Bibbins-Domingo recalls, “which was not only exciting but also instrumental in bringing about important discussions on how to improve the generation and application of scientific evidence.”

The year 2023 saw a torrent of medical developments, with significant studies published on Alzheimer’s-related treatments, weight loss drugs, and more. These studies reflect a broader trend of rapid therapeutic advancements that are transforming medical practice and patient care.

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The Future of Medicine and JAMA’s Role in It

Looking ahead, JAMA’s Editor-in-Chief foresees a continued explosion of new therapeutics. The interplay between cutting-edge research and innovative treatments will inevitably change various medical fields, thus making the distribution of credible information more critical than ever.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another sphere that she anticipates will continue to shape medical practice and discovery, albeit with some challenges. The question of what is real and trustworthy will be a vital discussion in this era of AI, and JAMA is prepared to lead these conversations.

JAMA is committed to separating the hype from the real hope,” she asserts, emphasizing the journal’s commitment to publishing quality science and communicating it effectively.

JAMA’s Plans for 2024: Innovation and Communication

As JAMA embarks on the journey of 2024, its agenda revolves around bolstering its traditional role and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of scientific publishing.

Dr. Bibbins-Domingo reveals that JAMA is going online-first, publishing all its science digitally before following with the print versions. This move is a response to current reader trends, with individuals increasingly consuming information digitally and on-the-go.

She also teases at the return of the JAMA Summit, without revealing the specifics. However, it is clear that the Summit will revolve around an issue of significant value in science and medicine.

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A Personal Touch to Scientific Publishing

A unique aspect of JAMA’s strategy is its focus on interaction and engagement. Dr. Bibbins-Domingo explains that readers and authors have shown a desire to engage more interactively. The journal will cater to this need by expanding its multimedia platforms and offering a variety of content lengths.

“Whether you want to delve into all the details or just need to know the bottom line, we aim to provide the information exactly how you want to receive it,” she says.

Looking Forward, Thinking Big

As Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo looks forward to the rest of her tenure, her ambition is not limited to steering the journal through these transformative times. She wants to take JAMA and its network of journals to even greater heights.

“I am excited about more JAMA Summits and the execution of our ambitious goals,” she enthuses, adding that they are well-prepared to navigate the changes that lie ahead.

In an era where discoveries and technological advancements happen at breakneck speed, the trustworthy voice of a scientific journal like JAMA is invaluable. With Dr. Bibbins-Domingo at its helm, JAMA is poised to navigate the waves of change and contribute meaningfully to the world of medicine. The year 2024 promises exciting developments for JAMA and its readership, with the journal maintaining its commitment to scientific integrity while continually pushing the boundaries of what a medical journal can offer.

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While the specifics of what lies in store are yet to be unveiled, one thing is clear – under Dr. Bibbins-Domingo’s leadership, JAMA is evolving and innovating to stay at the forefront of scientific and medical publishing. This is surely a journey that all medical professionals and enthusiasts will want to closely follow.

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