August Remote Teaching Workshop

26 Jul
AAPT-NE is hosting a virtual workshop designed for secondary physics teachers 3-5 pm on August 8th. Please register using the Google Form below:
Remote teaching strategies will include but are not limited to:
  • CK-12 free online textbook, grading syncs with Google Classroom
  • EdPuzzle – documentaries and/or upload lessons and ask questions; includes online gradebook
  • Virtual Tutoring – students point their camera at their paper while they problem solve as teacher corrects their work in real time; utilizing Breakout Rooms for students to practice problem solving in partners
  • Virtual Blackboard – techniques including Zoom annotations and writing notes (use phone and a notebook as a “Whiteboard”)
  • Phet simulations including but not limited to those posted by University of Colorado and Andrew Duffy from Boston University
  • Lab Activities that can be done at home and emphasize lab analysis with Google Sheets
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